This Nashville sign is a photo I took about ten years ago.

This photo has made me some real money online and is still available for sale online at — (use the link so I make some more money if you sign up! 🙂

I’m also selling illustrations that I’ve created over the years and recently started publishing books of my work for sale online. You can do it too!

Let’s set up a training session to look at your artwork. I’ll show you what sells and help you learn osme of the pitfalls and gotchas inherent in the systems!

Look out! not all sites actually make you money. You can spend a lot of time working for someone else OR you can get it right and upload art that starts selling and making you money right away!

Obviously, results vary from nothing to millions. I make closer to the nothing category, but still after ten years, the same pic sold for $14 just last month. I haven’t touched it for ten years. Now what if that just keeps happening month after month? …and I’ve got 100 images online…

That could be $1400 a month!

You see where I’m going with this?

Let’s talk about how you can make money selling your artwork online!

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