Resources list for designers and publishers.  Some of these links will take ou to a new page, not part of Please let us know if any of these free resource links break. 

These resources for content creators are totally free!

Yes, that’s right, these are the free graphic design resources I use all of the time, although some may have advertising on the page. No affiliate links, advertisers, or paid links. 

(The paid designer resources are listed somewhere else—NOT on this page!)

The creative people who come here are often very trusting. If someone says a QR code costs $5— you might pay it! But paying for a QR code is like paying for Arial font! You simply don’t need to for so many reasons. and that is as far as I want to take that analogy.

Get your free resources for publishing support, print design and marketing here at 1Train1. The links on the right and below are free resources I use all of the time. And they are linked here to make your creative life a little easier..

The most used links here are for ISBN codes for self-publishing books, and for generating QR codes for marketing.

Just a note on ISBN number… While the Bar code is freely generated, ISBN codes for publishing have to be purchased from a book registry. If you purchase ISBNs from a third party, then they will be listed as the publisher.

QR codes are simply a visual version of a URL. They should always be free, but oftten you get someone else’s logo in the middle. This generator i created is totally free, and you can add your own logo or frame to the artwork later..


Generate a QR code:

ISBN-13 barcode generator:

Adobe® Color Generator:

QR Code


ISBN-13 Barcode


Adobe® Color


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