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Skills Training

Learn how to design and publish books, edit PDFs, design logos, photograph people and product, fix images, produce videos,  create social media content, advance your creative career, build a strong brand, connect with your audience.

Look Great on Video

Present yourself like a pro on webcam and video, even from your home office or remote location! Simple tips to understand and fix confusing, but common light, audio and presenting mistakes.

NO Bulky cameras and huge lights not needed!

In-demand Leadership Training Course!

Adobe Creative Suite

Learn InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Or take your experience to the next level to be more creative, more productive, and enjoy creating and publishing. — Now teaching alternatives to Adobe Creative Cloud!

Photography—good to great

The technology can discourage you from shooting your own portraits or product photos. I help you learn how your equipment works—from iPhones to DSLR cameras. Learn what makes light, lenses, and camera work together to make a great image. Individual and group training to help you fix focus issues, light, pose, and shoot professional quality images. Improve your social content, marketing, website or publication.

Video Production & Premiere Pro

Direct, produce, then edit your videos with Adobe Premiere Pro. Start with the basics up through mid-level production. This is not a movie making class, but will help you learn the skills you need to produce great content quickly.

Art and Design

Learn technical and creative workflow and tools to make logos, edit PDFs, deisgn brochures, comic books, cover art and digital painting.

Adobe Illustrator offers powerful tools for creating graphs, logo art, and large format layouts. It’s a technical tool used by screenprinters, artists and designers eavery day. Great for technical minded illustrators.

Photoshop is a more loose artistic, non-technical program for creators who want access to freehand expression and paining, I recommend Photoshop as an art tool.

Teaching great alternatives to Adobe too!


Tutoring students and Creative People since 2013. See my reviews and sign up for hourly tutoring in 3 sesson blocks.

This GUARANTEED service provides a great way to start your tutoring with me. If we are not a good fit, there are many other tutors with high reviews available here.

Wyz Ant ( is an independent tutoring site. They offer you the chance to work with me or other trainers at a discounted rate. Although I operate as an independent trainer, I highly recommend you join this resource to connect with a great selection of trainers beyond the scope of the training provided here.

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Monday Mentor Calls


When you want to develop creative director skills, or manage your brand content and marketing with professional support, this is the regular training and support that will help you to excel in your creative communications plan. 

Join targeted monthly creative training and live Q&A sessions where we work within your business needs. This is the perfect way to inject creative leadership, training and tech support into your business without hiring staff. Access to 1-on1 training is available as well. A perfect solution for entrepreneurs and leaders responsible for brand image, communication and marketing. You’ll be more productive, solve creative challenges, and bring brand clarity to your marketing.

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