“Daniel is a solid 10!

Best —— tutor I’ve ever worked with!” —Susan

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“Exactly what I needed

Daniel is an excellent tutor. He listened to what I asked him to teach me, and then asked me how I would like to learn… He was patient and explained things clearly and slowly enough that I could make notes while he was talking. He tackled what I thought was going to be an agonizingly difficult task and made it very simple.” 

— Amy

“Simply the best

Every question, every problem, every mistake I made corrected and future-proofed. Not only solved my existing problems but helped make templates to avoid issues in the future. Dead on perfect!”

— Frank

“Problem solving perfection

I asked for, and he delivered. I was seriously struggling with some silly small things. Not only did he fix those things I now have a greater understanding… It was so much fun and so exciting to learn something new and so quickly.”

— Dean

“Very Knowledgeable

Daniel was able to help me with my photoshop composites. It is something I’ve been struggling with for a while. He gave me tips to improve my fantasy book cover designs. If you are creating book covers or doing any compositing in photoshop, Daniel is the perfect tutor.”

— Holly


I have had tutors before in the past for adobe Photoshop and they left me frustrated and confused. I am happy to say that Daniel actually made everything flow and go smooth like butter. Daniel answered all of my questions and gave me that wow factor. I was shocked at the basics I did not know.”

— Yolanda

“Professional, Caring, Insightful

Daniel is an expert in both communication and design.…

He is both practical and knowledgeable, with deep insights into students’ own personalities.”

— Xinyue

“Daniel is a solid 10!

Daniel has been able to help me solve the InDesign mysteries that have plagued me. He’s patient and wildly knowledgeable.

Best —— tutor I’ve ever worked with!”

— Susan

“Awesome Tutor!!

Daniel taught me how to navigate through KDP to publish my ebook.… It was a success.

Daniel uses his tutoring time efficiently focusing on the necessary information I need to succeed.

He is an amazing tutor!!”

— Lori Ann,


Do you teach everything in the Adobe Creative Suite?

No I don’t do it all. Adobe experiments with new software, introducing versions and making changes often. For professionals, I recommend sticking with the most powerful and productive tools:

  • Photoshop for image editing and artistic photo composites
  • InDesign for publishing layout of books, websites, and other publications
  • Illustrator for precision drawings and graphics, logos, icons, graphs.
  • Lightroom for photoshoots and video file management
  • Premiere Pro for video editing

How long have you been teaching and training?

People don’t ask this, but I want you to know… I starting teaching Brand Marketing in 2013, Adobe in 2001, and art classes some time late last century!

What’s your favorite thing to teach?

Branding is my favorite. It touches on who a person or a company is at the core and allows me to do the best work. If we can strengthen your brand, you will have something strong. I teach brand messaging and consistency in video and photo production, adobe design software, even public speaking. 

Branding really is in every creative design related subject that I teach. It grows out of your purpose, mission, and character. Branding can’t be faked. It CAN be cultivated, grown, and developed. 

Do you teach or recommend any alternatives to Adobe design software?

Yes, I’ve started using the Affinity Suite myself because so many customers want an alternative option. I’ve only introduced it into one company however: The Affinity Suite includes:

  • Affinity Designer
  • Affinity Publisher
  • Affinity Photo

Do you travel to teach in-person? or only online?

Yes, I do travel and train on site for businesses. I love to speak at professional events such as trade shows and to represent products or brands that I’ve helped to develop, use, or support. 

I sometimes do 1-on-1 training locally as well, especially with older generations who don’t learn as well online.

You teach photography and Video production, right? So can I hire you for my production?

Yes, I’ve developed multiple production teams and crews for brand photography and produced video content on location and in studios. I can lead you through the production process, train your team to do it, or manage the process for you. 

Just ask! If it’s a creative project I can help you lead it or find someone else who can.

Can you help me with my personal brand?

A personal brand is a rewarding experience and I’m always glad to help you improve your appearance and professional brand as an author, speaker, entrepreneur or CEO, realtor, 

join us! 

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