We all are doing more and more webinars and meetings online now!

But are you happy about how you look on camera?

The way of the world today is online—if you are a student or in business, or have an interview, meeting or even a call with grandma!

Sometimes things just work, and you look great. But not always. There can be a steep learning curve to this “video conference” thing! Not everyone knows how to use the camera and set themselves up for success in a video call.

But I can help you look brilliant with little or no investment in new gear!

I’ve been delivering training like this to teams of leaders and entrepreneurs since 2019, and I get how frustrated some people can be. No matter what they do, they just look the same… or worse than when they started trying to fix lighting, video and audio settings for zoom. Now this training is available to everyone you uses a camera!

Basically, with a group of attendees we go through what it takes to present yourself well online in a webinar, video call or any kind of home office video system really.

What does it take to look good on webcam?

  • LIGHT – People need to see you, but you don’t need to get studio lights. And you don’t have to deal with fluctuating window light or looking green or pale. Those are common problems, but I’ll show you why and how to get around them.
  • CAMERA – Your webcam might not be the best, but you don’t have to invest in top tech to get a great look on Zoom! The camera behaves a certain way, and there are a few things you can do to convince it to make you look good! Really!!
  • ACTION – It matters how you sit and position yourself on camera, what you do, and more importantly, it matters WHY you position yourself or behave in certain ways on camera! You can build trust quickly, set peoples mind at ease, or lose trust altogether on a call, and I’ll show you how!

(Hmm.. that’s a good slogan for this training: Light, Camera, Action! I wonder if I can trademark that… – jk!)

Let me help you look great, sound clear, feel amazing, and impress your audience, with no ugly studio lights and ring lights, and without big bulky microphone booms—And if you like the studio and mic boom, feel free, it’s a brand look that’s not for everyone. They work, but…

You know there is something better! You can simply be brilliant on your home video and still have a great looking office space without all the gear.

No need for a studio in your home, or a movie production quality camera.

You’ve got the technology to do this right in your home.

I’ll keep sharing more tips about how you can look great on video in this blog and through workshops each month. So share with your friends or group leader.

Let’s get each member of your team looking like a pro on webcam video!

Check out the 1Train1 classes and courses on our CLASSES PAGE – Or reach out to me (CONNECT PAGE) and ask how your team can schedule a special session of “Presenting Like a Pro on Webcam Video!”

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