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—Online Course—

Starts Oct 25, 2023

My lessons with Daniel have been very rewarding.

I was looking for help with InDesign and web-design. What I found is a very resourceful consultant that can help me not just with design, but also branding, SEO, and many other aspects of the project. I’m trying to launch!

Daniel is exceptionally resourceful, a gifted and patient instructor, and I was impressed by how many skills he has been able to master. I definitely recommend him as a guide for anything he’s offering to help you with.



—Local Class—

In-Person, Sept 1

Where do I start!

Daniel is awesome and so is his studio. I collaborated with him on an athletic shoot in middle December and despite the weather he made me feel very comfortable. This man has a lot of experience in what he does and is a great teacher. I learned some incredible tips about modeling that I will carry with me forever. Thank you Daniel and I look forward to our next collab!




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Knowledgeable and articulate…

Daniel helped me get my document printer ready. He identified the problems that I was having quickly and went through the process of changing the settings to get it right. He also identified areas where I could streamline my document (and future ones) so that the uploading and saving process would be more efficient. He was clear in explanations and easy to follow. I particularly appreciated the followup where he listed the tips that he gave me for future use. I was able to correspond his list to my own notes for better understanding. 


Creative Director



Professional, Caring, Insightful…

Daniel is an expert in both communication and design. He taught me important principles in communication, including knowing your audience and the single overriding communication objective. These principles he also applied in the design.

He is both practical and knowledgeable, with deep insights into students’ own personalities.


Graduate Student

Clients say…

1 on 1 Training

Group Workshops


“Simply the best

Every question, every problem, every mistake I made corrected and future-proofed. Not only solved my existing problems but helped make templates to avoid issues in the future. Dead on perfect!”

— Frank

Exceptionally resourceful 

A gifted and patient instructor, and I was impressed by how many skills he has been able to master. I definitely recommend him as a guide for anything he’s offering to help you with.

— Jose

“Super helpful

My lessons with Daniel have been very rewarding. I was just looking for help with InDesign and web-design for one of my projects. What I found is a very resourceful consultant that can help me not just with design, but also branding, SEO optimization, and many other aspects! 

— Josh

best training ever, the "aha!" moment, the lightbulb.

Homeschool Art Tutor

1Train1 offers special rates for homeschool students and families. With 1-on-1 creative training you will learn at your own pace, on your own projects, and develop your passionate, creative style.

Daniel Rg Crandall

Daniel Rg Crandall

Trainer | Creator | Strategist

Director and Principal Trainer at 1Train1. 

Adjunct faculty-Tennessee College of Applied Technology Murfreesboro
Wyzant professional tutor –

Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Premiere Pro
Affinity Designer, Photo, Publisher
Book Publishing
Portrait Photography
Photo/ video/ studio lighting
Powder coating
Webinar presenting skills
Brand marketing strategy
Creative Director Mastermind
Career planning and resume writing

Nolensville, Tennessee

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About Daniel Rg Crandall

An expert creator and technical personality come together in this artist with a growth approach to teaching and learning. Yes, I value technical skills more than my B.S. degree. I also value experience with people, more than my 20 years of creative leadership. Learning HOW to learn has changed my life. And learning by doing, is my greatest teaching and personal development tool.

Now I work with professionals in technical industry, people starting out who want to learn creative skills, and also students developing their creative career. So I can provide freelance design support to help you through your unique project, or I can help you develop creativity within your own unique learning style. Each person, even a little child, holds onto certain things passionately, and wants to experience things the way it is most meaningful to them. So you may not care for other ways of learning. one on one training helps to bridge the gap in learning any subject through your unique style and ability. And that's how I love to support and to teach people who are excited to learn.

Creative Learning Styles

As a kinesthetic learner (active and hands-on) means that I learn by engaging my body. For me specifically I learn while using my hands, so I learned early that drawing in math ad history classes helped me to remember the material and not fall asleep. I also know that a student who seems distracted may simply be engaged in learning their own way. We can go there. Tell me about yourself, and let's start with HOW you learn.

Being patient comes through experience and helps me relate to people who struggle to get information from a book or a video that lacks a personal touch. I love to patiently engage in training, or to plow forward with someone who can't wait to get to work. As long as you are actively learning, I'm engaged with helping you.

Sharing the excitement for life and for learning is why I am here. So tell me about yourself, or your project. I want to relate to your hopes and dreams for learning, and how you got here. I've been an artist, camp director, tutor, trail guide, photographer, athletics director, computer instructor, foster parent, publisher, marketer, teacher and more.

Now I work as creative consultant, strategist, and technicall instructor. And my passion is to teach, coach, train and help you transform your thinking and create your own success.

Courses & Masterminds

Small groups of artist, illustrators, writers, publishers, creative directors, entrepreneurs…

What’s your creative superpower?

This is where you can raise the level of your skills as a creative thinker and leader. Most masterminds are for a limited term with a limited small group of creators training and learning together.

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